Southmore is located in the midst of some of the largest deposits in the Golden Triangle. It was explored in the 1980s through the early 1990s, and largely overlooked until Mountain Boy consolidated the property and confirmed the presence of multiple occurrences of gold, copper, lead and zinc. A property-wide Skytem geophysical survey in 2021 helps to tie together information from multiple programs.

Project Summary

Ownership 100% owned
Size 5,038 ha
Location Located 40 km northwest of the historic Eskay Creek Mine
Infrastructure 7 kilometres south of the completed Galore Creek access road and 30 kilometres west of highway 37 and the Northwest high-voltage transmission line.

Prior Work

In 1990, Blue Gold Resources carried out a small exploration program of prospecting, geological mapping and rock sampling on the current claims. They identified two large gossans separated by a large glacier with pervasive silicification and pyrite alteration. Copper, lead, zinc, silver and gold mineralization was discovered within the alteration zones. Magnetite skarn mineralization with sphalerite and chalcopyrite was also discovered to the east of the large gossan. Rock samples from the 1990 program assayed up to 13.58% copper, 1.06% lead, 12.4% zinc, 2,500 ppb gold and 50.0 ppm silver. Samples were also anomalous in pathfinder elements such as antimony, arsenic, cadmium and bismuth (BC Assessment Report No. 21008).

In 2019, Mountain Boy Minerals conducted a short exploration program on the program confirming and expanding on the 1990 program.

Further Work

  • Airborne Time Domain Electromagnetic and Magnetic Survey (Skytem) and interpretation.
  • Continued prospecting, geological mapping and sampling.
  • Lidar of the property.
  • Lead isotope geochronology on galena from mineralization.
  • Drilling of identified targets.